Journey is simply real people, being the real Church, worshipping the real God.
Journey was birthed through the Holy Spirit in February 2010. GOD gave a clear vision to the Pastor and several leaders that He was calling them to plant Journey Christian Fellowship. Through close examination of the Bible and Prayer, GOD revealed His vision for Journey through the books of Acts and Nehemiah.
GOD has called Journey to be a true Church that follows His Holy Spirit and His Holy Word in everything it does. As a result of obedience to His Holy Scriptures and the closely following the direction of His Holy Spirit, Journey has seen tremendous fruit through the few years in existence!
It is clear that GOD has called Journey to be His eyes, ears, hands and feet in this area and beyond. Journey is committed to the Great Commission: " go and make disciples". Therefore, Journey believes in and practices Church planting. We believe the most Biblical way to make disciples and expand Gods Kingdom is to plant more Biblical Churches. Journey has no desire to be a mega Church, only a desire to show how mega GOD is through planting many Biblical Churches that truly make disciples.
Since God has blessed Journey, we have been able to move forward with the vision of planting another Biblical Church for His Glory!

Journey II

Just like in Journey I, GOD has called a Pastor and a team and laid on their hearts His vision for planting another Biblical Church in the Williamsburg area in January, 2013.
Our theme verse still remains, "He Must increase, but I [We] Must Decrease" (John 3:30). Our goal and vision is still the same, to make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior known to the world. Our plan for accomplishing His purposes is to simply follow His instruction book, The Holy Bible!
If you are all about being real in who you are and being a part of a real Church that truly follows the Bible, you are welcome to come worship with Journey at either of our Churches, as we pursue Jesus on this awesome journey together!